Episode Guide

Season 51

Episode Guide


S51 E122
Mar 24, 2023
Games Include: "Pushover", "Card Game", & "Hot Seat". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E121
Mar 23, 2023
Games Include: "Shopping Spree", "Let em Roll", & "Balance Game". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E120
Mar 22, 2023
Games Include: " Switch", "Shell Game", & "Gas Money". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E119
Mar 21, 2023
Games Include: "Money Game", "Now or Then", & "Squeeze Play." Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E118
Mar 20, 2023
Games Include: "Pay the Rent", "Side by Side", & "Lucky Seven". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E117
Mar 15, 2023
Games Include: "Any Number", "Half Off", & "Double Prices". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E116
Mar 14, 2023
Games Include: "Hi-Lo", "Coming or Going", & "Master Key." Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E115
Mar 13, 2023
Games Include: "Plinko", "Vend-O-Price", & "Grand Game". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E114
Mar 10, 2023
Games Include: "Range Game", "Right Price", & "Pathfinder". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E113
Mar 09, 2023
Games Include: "Punch A Bunch", "Grocery Game", & "That's Too Much". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E112
Mar 08, 2023
Games Include: "One Away", "Cliff Hangers", & "Bargain Game". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E111
Mar 07, 2023
Games Include: "Double Prices", "Switcheroo", & Double Cross". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E110
Mar 06, 2023
Games Include: "Dice Game", "Safe Crackers", & "Pick-A-Pair". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E109
Mar 03, 2023
Games include: "Check Out", "2 For The Price of 1", & "Freeze Frame". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E108
Mar 02, 2023
Games Include: "Do the Math", "Any Number", & "Back to 73". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E107
Mar 01, 2023
Games Include: "Bargain Game", "Now or Then", & "Line Em Up". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E106
Feb 28, 2023
Games Include: "That's Too Much', "Squeeze Play", & "Time is Money". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E105
Feb 27, 2023
Games Include: "Clock Game", "Pick-A-Number", & "Stack the Deck". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E104
Feb 24, 2023
Games Include: "Spelling Bee", "Side by Side", & "Safe Crackers". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E103
Feb 23, 2023
Games Include: "Grand Game", "Push Over", & "Pocket Change". Drew Carey Hosts!

The Price Is Right At Night - Date Night

S51 E0
Feb 22, 2023
Date night on THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT features couples getting a chance to win amazing prizes including romantic getaways for two to Bali, Iceland and Greece, a new boat, $50,000 in cash, a private chef for a year, and much, much more.


S51 E102
Feb 22, 2023
Games Include: "One Away", "Vend-O-Price", & "Gridlock". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E101
Feb 21, 2023
Games Include: "Secret X", "One Right Price", & "Three Strikes". Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E100
Feb 20, 2023
Games Include: "Money Game," "Range Game," & "It's In The Bag." Drew Carey Hosts!


S51 E99
Feb 17, 2023
Games Include: "Pay The Rent," "Any Number," & "Switch." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E98
Feb 16, 2023
Games Include: "Switcheroo," " Do The Math", & "Freeze Frame." Drew Carey hosts!

The Price Is Right At Night - Family Night

S51 E0
Feb 15, 2023
An epic game night featuring teams of kids, parents and grandparents playing for chances to win prizes for the whole family including new cars, adventure-packed trips to Paris and Jamaica, an outdoor home theater setup, $100,000 in cash and more.


S51 E97
Feb 15, 2023
Games Include: "Cliffhangers," "Swap Meet," & "Dice Game." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E96
Feb 14, 2023
Games Include: "Cover Up," "Double Prices," & "Plinko". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E95
Feb 13, 2023
Games Include: "Side by Side," "Lucky Seven," & "Easy as 1,2,3." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E94
Feb 10, 2023
Games Include: "Freeze Frame," "Master Key," & "Double Cross." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E93
Feb 08, 2023
Games Include: "Money Game", "Hi-Lo," & "Race Game". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E92
Feb 07, 2023
Games include: "Plinko", "Pick A Number", & "Lucky Seven". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E91
Feb 06, 2023
Games Include: "Bonkers", "Pass the Buck," & "Flip or Flop." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E90
Feb 03, 2023
Games Include: "Grand Game," "Double Prices", & "More or Less". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E89
Feb 02, 2023
Games Include: "Most Expensive", "Card Game," & "Half Off." Drew Carey hosts!

The Price Is Right At Night - Superfans

S51 E0
Feb 01, 2023
"Superfans" celebrates some of the show’s most passionate and dedicated viewers. From a legacy contestant whose family members are such fans that she was named after a Barker Beauty, to those who have extensive memorabilia collections, this special is a thank you to the fans who continue to be a part of the show’s historic run on network television. Prizes include a once-in-a-lifetime experience of dinner with Drew Carey, a trip to Switzerland and more.


S51 E88
Feb 01, 2023
Games Include: "Coming or Going", "5 Price Tags," & "Take Two." Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E87
Jan 31, 2023
Games include: "Temptation", "Flip Flop", & "Now or Then". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E86
Jan 30, 2023
Games Include: "Switch," "Punch A Bunch," & "Any Number". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E85
Jan 27, 2023
Games include: "Range Game", "Stack the Deck", & "Plinko". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E84
Jan 26, 2023
Games include: "Lucky Seven", Time is Money" & "Freeze Frame". Drew Carey hosts!

The Price is Right At Night - Service Industry Workers

S51 E0
Jan 25, 2023
"Service Industry Workers" gives constants who work for gratuity a chance to win the biggest tips of their lives.


S51 E83
Jan 25, 2023
Games Include: "Golden Road," "Side by Side," & "Secret X". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E82
Jan 24, 2023
Games include, "Squeeze Play", "1/2 Off", & "Gridlock". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E81
Jan 23, 2023
Games Include: "Dice Game," "Shopping Spree," & "Pick A Number". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E80
Jan 20, 2023
Games Include: "Pay the Rent," "Money Game," & "Most Expensive". Drew Carey hosts!


S51 E79
Jan 19, 2023
Games Include: "One Wrong Price," "Vend-O-Price," & "Safe Crackers". Drew Carey hosts!

The Price is Right at Night - Geniuses

S51 E0
Jan 18, 2023
“Geniuses” puts a spotlight on incredibly gifted contestants, including mathematicians, a chess Grandmaster, an astrophysicist and a contestant who earned a perfect SAT score. These brainiacs will play for a chance to win $100,000, a Tesla and so much more.


S51 E78
Jan 18, 2023
Games Include: "Cover Up," "Bonkers," & "Grand Game". Drew Carey hosts!