Season 46

Episode Guide

Hide 'N Seek

S46 E8
Apr 17, 2024
In the aftermath of a blindside elimination, multiple castaways claim credit for their resume, stirring the pot among their fellow tribemates.

Episode Several

S46 E7
Apr 10, 2024
A rogue vote at the last tribal council launches a blame game throughout camp. Players must keep their balance to keep their game alive and win immunity. Then, castaways must decide between past loyalties and future strategies in one of the most important tribal councils of the season.

Cancel Christmas

S46 E6
Apr 03, 2024
Drop your buffs! Castaways hit the ground running to figure out where the cracks are within the other tribes. The players hope to find new life in the game if they can earn the merge.

Tiki Man

S46 E5
Mar 27, 2024
A castaway's memory must serve them well on a journey for an advantage. Then, tensions run high as the hunt for an immunity idol sends one tribe on a wild goose chase.

Don't Touch the Oven

S46 E4
Mar 20, 2024
A castaway must deal with the aftermath of oversharing with other tribe members during a journey; one castaway attempts to take the game into their own hands to avoid getting their torch snuffed.

Wackadoodles Win

S46 E3
Mar 13, 2024
Several castaways have some explaining to do after a fake idol was played at tribal council. A castaway attempts to fall on the sword for their tribe's loss in the immunity challenge. Then, three castaways take a journey to compete for an advantage in the game.

Scorpio Energy

S46 E2
Mar 06, 2024
One tribe struggles to keep their heads in the game after the first tribal council of the season. Another castaway will win the biggest and most intense music battle in SURVIVOR history, "Taylor Swift vs. Metallica."

This is Where the Legends Are Made

S46 E1
Feb 28, 2024
18 new castaways embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they are left stranded on the breathtaking islands of Fiji. Tribes must be the first to crack the code to earn essential camp supplies.