Checklist: Gut Check

Relief and remission for ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease is within reach.
Posted on Nov 22, 2022 | 02:25pm
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If you are living with ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn's disease (CD) and the symptoms are holding you back, it could be time for a change. Perscription medication ENTYVIO works by focusing in the GI tract to help control damaging inflammation.
As part of your natural immune response, white blood cells are programmed to travel to different body tissues, defending against disease. Certain white blood cells are directed to enter the GI tract. In people with UC and CD, the increased number of these cells causes inflammation and other symptoms. ENTYVIO works to block the movement of these gut‑directed white blood cells into the GI tract. This helps to control inflammation and symptoms of UC and CD. Stop worrying about your UC or CD symptoms getting in your way, and get your life back on track. (Individual results may vary.)
Talk to your doctor to see if ENTYVIO is right for you. Read about product information, prescribing information, medication guide, and possible side effects on entyvio.com.