Season 2023

Episode Guide

The Uplift: A home for the holidays

S2023 E42
Dec 01, 2023
A animal shelter in Virginia pairs rescue animals with foster families for Thanksgiving. A corrections officer makes the selfless decision to take in an inmate's baby. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: Meeting a watchmaker

S2023 E41
Nov 17, 2023
A woman who lost her baby helps grieving mothers who have experienced the same loss. A couple who tied the knot 56 years ago with no wedding party becomes newlyweds again. And David Begnaud gets an assignment to travel to a surprise city and find a story in 48 hours.

The Uplift: A commitment to kindness

S2023 E40
Nov 10, 2023
College students use Chapstick to spread kindness. The oldest living chicken is awarded a Guinness World Record. A pack of seven dogs with disabilities, known as "The Unstoppable Dogs," offer inspiration.

The Uplift: A question with Jay-Z

S2023 E39
Nov 03, 2023
Jay-Z sits down with Gayle King and answers a viral question that has fans debating on social media. A 90-year-old woman who loved riding horses dreams of getting back in the saddle. Plus, more inspiring stories.

The Uplift: The secret to happiness

S2023 E38
Oct 27, 2023
An expert on happiness reveals what a decades-long study has found about the emotion and the secret to being happy. A California community works to help monarch butterflies rebound. Plus, more inspiring stories.

The Uplift: An odd egg and a giant gift

S2023 E37
Oct 20, 2023
A man who has saved an egg with a handwritten message goes on a quest to find the mystery writer; The Sacramento Zoo gets its first rhino; A young surfer draws on his passion to help others.

The Uplift: A Savannah surprise

S2023 E36
Oct 13, 2023
David Begnaud takes a surprise trip to Savannah, Georgia, where he meets a man who is believed to be the last person practicing the craft of shoe shining. A baby gets a life-changing cochlear implant after experiencing hearing loss. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: A LeBron James surprise

S2023 E35
Sep 29, 2023
LeBron James stops by a high school in Minnesota, surprising their basketball team and giving students a motivational speech. A rescue organization saves beagles who spent their lives in a lab and shows them the great outdoors for the first time. Plus, the answer behind Southern California's bioluminescence phenomenon that has the ocean glowing blue.

The Uplift: A moving mentor

S2023 E34
Sep 22, 2023
Steph and Ayesha Curry share the steep goal for their "Eat Learn Play" foundation, which helps school kids in the Oakland area. CBS News' David Beganud introduces us to a life-changing mentor he met in high school. Plus, two moms invent adaptable clothing for children with disabilities.

The Uplift: Learning to love

S2023 E33
Sep 15, 2023
A man who was a foster child adopts five siblings who were separated by foster care. A bus driver instills life lessons in students that stick with them long after they graduate. And a pharmacist in Maui helps deliver medications to people in need after the wildfire, in this episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: Helping Ukrainians and more

S2023 E32
Sep 01, 2023
A couple with a connection to Ukraine helps save 11 refugees from the war-torn country. Two young brothers who fell on hard times after their mom died overcome the odds, thanks to a group of strangers. Survivors of a California wildfire turn their attention to helping Maui. Plus, more heartwarming videos.

The Uplift: The scoop on ice cream

S2023 E31
Aug 25, 2023
Get the scoop on New Hampshire's ice cream trail. Find out the meaning behind summer break. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: An Obama appearance

S2023 E30
Aug 18, 2023
NFL player Drue Chrisman gives us a look at his off-season side gig. Librarians share how they received a message in their spam folder with a famous name attached: Obama. Plus, more heartwarming videos.

The Uplift: Barbie and Briana Scurry

S2023 E29
Aug 11, 2023
Meet the women behind iconic Barbie designs. Hear from soccer player Briana Scurry, a two-time gold medalist, World Cup champion and the first African American woman elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: A dramatic rescue

S2023 E28
Jul 28, 2023
Tony Dokoupil gets a behind-the-scenes look at "Mission: Impossible" and tries out film stunts. A bachelor party in Minnesota makes a dramatic rescue when they see a dog stuck in mud. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: Hollywood secrets

S2023 E27
Jul 21, 2023
Get the backstory to the Wilhelm scream – a famous film sound effect that dates back to the 1950s – and find out how the original recording of the scream was recently unearthed. See a town in Ireland attempt to break the record for most people dressed as Dolly Parton in one place. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: Hot dogs and town hogs

S2023 E26
Jul 14, 2023
A Minnesota town aims to attract visitors with unique pig statues. Oscar Mayer gives us an inside look at their once top secret training program for drivers of its Wienermobile – now dubbed the Frankmobile. Plus, other inspiring stories.

The Uplift: An athlete's surprise

S2023 E25
Jun 30, 2023
A Hall of Famer surprises an athlete with cerebral palsy and his father. A service dog gets a military honor. A former sanitation worker graduates from Harvard Law School and becomes dedicated to honor others on campus.

The Uplift: A Mona Lisa mystery

S2023 E24
Jun 23, 2023
Art historians debate the real life location of a bridge spotted in Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Yo-Yo Ma takes his music to the great outdoors with a unique concert series. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: A self love celebration

S2023 E23
Jun 16, 2023
A couple shares their love story and the epic wedding surprise they received from an Oscar-winning actor. A 76-year-old woman celebrates self love with a unique wedding. Plus, heartwarming videos you need to see.

The Uplift: A teen novelist

S2023 E22
Jun 09, 2023
A seventh grader becomes a published author and uses her book to give back. A dog helps save another pooch being attacked by a coyote. A singer who lost his voice thanks the vocal therapist who helped him regain it and changed his life for good.

The Uplift: A fatherly film

S2023 E21
Jun 02, 2023
Robert De Niro, Sebastian Maniscalco and his dad sit down with Gayle King for an interview. A 93-year-old grandmother completes her goal of traveling to all 63 U.S. national parks with her grandson. Plus, heartwarming videos you need to see.

The Uplift: Seventh grade hero

S2023 E20
May 26, 2023
A seventh grader jumps into action to stop a school bus after the driver loses consciousness. A mom prepares to fulfill her dream of heading to space. Plus heartwarming videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: A sweet surprise

S2023 E19
May 19, 2023
A dad receives a kidney donation from an anonymous donor – who then reveals their identity in a shocking surprise. Actors Ken Jeong and Craig Robinson surprise people at a karaoke bar in Rome. A family from Ukraine who fled to the U.S. receives life-changing medical care for their 2-year-old daughter.

The Uplift: A painted buffalo

S2023 E18
May 12, 2023
Visit Morgan's Wonderland, an inclusive amusement park in San Antonio, Texas, built by a man who was inspired by his daughter to create a place everyone fits in. Meet a marine veteran driving across the country in her so-called "painted buffalo" to help others through art therapy. Plus, more inspiring stories.

The Uplift: A Taylor Swift gift

S2023 E17
May 05, 2023
A girl who helped others during her own health battle gets a surprise gift to thank her for her selflessness; a 91-year-old woman crosses a high-flying goal off her bucket list; and an 80-year-old woman forms a friendship with a man in prison, who was wrongly accused and freed after 28 years.

The Uplift: Finding friendship

S2023 E16
Apr 28, 2023
A mother who was desperate to find friends for her son, who has Down syndrome, receives overwhelming support from strangers; a pregnant Air Force pilot helps make history; heartwarming, viral videos you need to see.

The Uplift: To the moon

S2023 E15
Apr 21, 2023
Two best friends in their 80s complete an epic journey around the world in 80 days. NASA introduces its history-making Artemis II crew. A 9-year-old transplant recipient who made a bucket list crosses off a major goal: meeting her golf idol.

The Uplift: Forming friendships

S2023 E14
Apr 14, 2023
A mom opens up a cat cafe to help her daughter and other college students find peace. A 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy meets a role model with the same condition as her. A "miracle" baby rescued from the rubble of the Turkey earthquake is reunited with her mother.

The Uplift: From D.C. to NYC

S2023 E13
Apr 07, 2023
Get a closeup look at iconic cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. Go behind the scenes of the acclaimed comedy series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," and hear from the stars as they head into their final season.

The Uplift: A polar explorer and a lucky dog

S2023 E12
Mar 31, 2023
A polar explorer who has traveled the world overcomes a battle in his personal life. A dog owner and his pup, Lucky, make a chance discovery on the side of the road. Plus, heartwarming videos you need to see.

The Uplift: A super surgeon

S2023 E11
Mar 24, 2023
A pediatric surgeon goes above and beyond to make sure his young patients aren't scared before surgery. A man sets a world record with his trips to Disneyland. Plus, heartwarming videos you need to see.

The Uplift: Saving the family business

S2023 E10
Mar 17, 2023
A grad student from California uses TikTok to help save her family's restaurant. An 11-year-old girl who uses a wheelchair finds a way to play basketball again. Two heart transplant recipients bond while recovering together.

The Uplift: Courageous coworkers

S2023 E9
Mar 10, 2023
A group of coworkers in Seattle sprang into action when they saw their neighbor's building was on fire – with dozens of dogs inside. Strangers came together to help a man named Cash, who found himself living on the street.

The Uplift: Walking the U.S., and more

S2023 E8
Mar 03, 2023
A man walks from New Jersey to California – by foot. And there's a good reason behind his epic trek. A couple of best friends decide to embark on an ambitious journey together, at 81 years old. And a former foster dog named Raylan helps his owner take care of foster kittens.

The Uplift: Baking up joy

S2023 E7
Feb 24, 2023
The owner of Janie's Life Changing Bakery in New York City uses her business to help others. A boy who was chosen to be a ball boy at the Dallas Open inspires for the challenges he's overcome off the court. A 4-year-old skateboarding sensation known as "Tiny Hawk," grows a following on social media.

The Uplift: A dog bus and a beach discovery

S2023 E6
Feb 10, 2023
A bus in Alaska picks up dogs at home and brings them on adventures together. A 9-year-old girl makes a once-in-a-lifetime discovery on a beach. And a homeless mother is reunited with her beloved dog she had to leave behind, on this episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: A little scientist

S2023 E5
Feb 03, 2023
A 9-year-old scientist received widespread attention for her passion project involving lanternflies including recognition from Yale University. A man gives up his desk job for a new path – one that requires a sled. Two roommates share the unique way they found each other.

The Uplift: Piano prodigy

S2023 E4
Jan 27, 2023
An 11-year-old piano prodigy with autism gets a huge surprise. A heroic woman rescues a stranger in a blizzard. Host Tony Dokoupil faces his fear of dancing and takes dance lessons for the first time.

The Uplift: A unicorn for a pet

S2023 E3
Jan 20, 2023
A congressman brings his baby son along for a historic vote – and some father-son bonding. A girl makes a unique wish for a mystical pet, and strangers help her pursue her dreams. Plus, heartwarming videos you need to see.

The Uplift: Inside a secret lab

S2023 E2
Jan 13, 2023
A beluga whale that showed up in Norway gains support from a community trying to help him live a fulfilled life. Popular YouTuber Mark Rober takes us inside his secret lab where fun experiments are created. Plus, a woman gives birth in an unexpected place – and heroes rush to be by her side.

The Uplift: Butterflies and blended families

S2023 E1
Jan 06, 2023
Get a close-up look at the winter monarch butterfly count in California. Meet a blended family who, despite facing many challenges, shares a story about resilience and love. And the story of a woman who uses her hobby to honor her late son and help cancer patients.