12 Things We Learned This Week from the Blue Bloods Cast: Social Media Roundup

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 | 09:05am

Check out the latest from the Blue Bloods cast as they post behind-the-scenes photos and get trending worldwide!

1. The Blue Bloods cast was celebrating Blue Bloods Friday.


2. Donnie Wahlberg was ready to break out the Twitter #cuffs.


3. ...Which he did repeatedly.


4. Donnie has a powerful fanbase ... worldwide.


5. ...And he's quite appreciative of it.


6. The cast celebrated its 100th episode.


7. The ladies of Blue Bloods look great in blue.


8. The Reagan family is all smiles off-camera.


9. Sami Gayle rocks new makeup.


10. There was a special guest at family dinner -- Amy Carlson's real life husband Syd Butler.


11. LaTanya Richardson Jackson has a fan in the cast.


12. Blue Bloods was once again the most watched TV show on Friday!