The Teams Were As Good As Gold On The Latest Episode Of The Amazing Race

Dubai didn't disappoint when it came to action and drama for the remaining racers
Posted on Apr 19, 2016 | 02:35pm
In the latest episode of The Amazing Race, the six remaining teams headed to Dubai to take on a variety of intense—and sandy—challenges.

So, in case you missed it, allow us to shine a light on the most priceless scenes from "I Have A Wedgie And A Half."

Cole and Sheri LaBrant had a tough time navigating Dubai's hectic freeways.

Sheri really needed Cole to step up as her co-pilot, but he didn't seem to offer much help from the backseat.

[Shakes fist at provisional driver's license restrictions.]
A traditional greeting left some racers feeling a little nosey.

What does a traditional Dubai greeting entail? It requires you to keep both eyes open while you rub noses with your new neighbor. Okay, so it's a little more intimate than a handshake, but Tyler doesn't seem to take issue with this.

Racing camels was a wild ride for the racers.

Being asked to race camels down a strip of pavement proved to be a challenging task for many of the racers; however, once the teams realized they had to pedal for their lives in the Race, they were inspired to pick up the pace and do everything they could to outrun these long-legged mammals.

Kurt and Brodie were surely feeling the burn after barely beating their animal adversaries. Just look that this photo finish!
The racers rocked shiny gold bathing suits at the Roadblock.

Before taking a frightful dip in the tank, Burnie showed off his skimpy suit to the sharks.
The view from the top of this epic water slide doesn't do the drop justice. 

Despite the height, the teams handled the ride like pros, even if they lost their voices—and gained a major wedgie—along the way.
Brodie and Kurt snagged first place over Burnie and Ashley, while Sheri and Cole came in last place. But, lucky for them, this was another non-elimination leg.

Watch what happened when Sheri and Cole heard the exciting news from Phil:

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