It's Close Calls And Long Hauls On The Latest Episode Of The Amazing Race

Let's take a look back at the latest episode of Race, which was filled with dancing, drama, blood, sweat, and tears
Posted on Apr 12, 2016 | 03:05pm
It was another tough week for the remaining racers when they traveled to the country of Georgia and took on a challenging set of tasks.

Korey said it best using only five words.
How could all this excitement fit into one single episode? Let's comb through some of the most thrilling moments from "Welcome To Bloody Fingers 101:"

Everyone's favorite Season 28 couple, #Blodie, got more travel time together.

While traveling to Georgia via train, the giggly pair opened up about really liking each other and being open to seeing where their relationship could go after the cameras stop filming. Beading hazelnuts drove some of the teams nuts.

When the teams took on the "String" Detour B, they quickly learned that creating the local candy called Churchkhela was more than just a simple and sweet experience.

The task of stringing 20 nuts using a needle and thread was not only "driving them nuts," but it made their tired fingers bleed. The task was so challenging, in fact, that Tyler and Korey switched to the other Detour.It was epic to watch the racers perform a Georgian ballet.

Ashley lit up the stage while Burnie watched from the audience. Scott and Blair's taxi driver stopped to get gas at the worst possible time.

Taxis are necessary on The Amazing Race, but not all cab drivers have the same sense of urgency. Take, for example, Blair and Scott's driver, who couldn't have picked a more inconvenient time to pull over. 
Scott accidentally stole Tyler's bag while leaving the Roadblock.

Inside the theater, Tyler was freaking out when he couldn't find his bag, but it turned out Blair's father had taken it by mistake. Whoops! Of course, being the honest man he is, Scott went back to return it to its rightful owner, even though it cost him and Blair valuable time. 
A footrace to the Pit Stop landed Tyler and Korey the leg's final spot.

Rachel and Zach snagged the first-place title this week, while Tyler and Korey held up the back of the pack this leg.
Sadly, it was the end of the road for Scott and Blair.

This father-daughter duo waved a heartfelt goodbye to the Race and couldn't stop saying how grateful they were for the experience. Cue the waterworks.
Check out how Blair and Scott's time on the Race ended in the clip below and then watch the latest full episode of The Amazing Race.


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