Relive The Teams' Best Moves From When The Amazing Race Went To Armenia

From sprinting up stairs to dancing with locals, the theme of this episode was "teamwork"
Posted on Apr 5, 2016 | 01:45pm
Heading into the latest episode of The Amazing Race, frontrunners Tyler and Korey and Brodie and Kurt knew they had to compete their hardest to stay at the front of the pack. That's why, once in Armenia, the teams brought out their best moves to get through another leg of the Race.

Check out the most slick and strategic maneuvers from the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

1. Asking a vacuuming employee for the Detour clue.

If you don't ask, you'll never know. That's the lesson many of the teams learned when they lost time struggling to find the Detour clue in the Opera Theater. However, once the pairs started asking around, they realized the solution was standing right next to them—the man cleaning the red velvet seats! 

2. Climbing endless stairs is a real quad burner.

Climbing this picturesque cascade caused many of the racers to lose their breath and feel the burn.

3. Brodie and Kurt dance their way through Armenia. TwiceThe first time they shook it was after baking 15 pieces of lavash bread and the second was on a bus full of cheerful Armenian women. 

"It’s a bus party," said Brodie. "Bus full of chicks? I ain’t complaining."

4. Tyler is fruitful with the looms.

With experience making friendship bracelets back in college, threading carpets was no big deal for Mr. Oakley

5. Scott helps Sheri change the taxi's oil.

Though Kurt prioritized moving toward the Express Pass, Scott couldn't help but lend a helping hand to such a sweet lady like Sheri. Once he showed her the basic how-to's of changing oil, she took over the task and completed the Roadblock.
6. Brodie and Kurt sweep through to the Express Pass.

Kurt lapping Sheri seemed to pay off—for now, at least—because it pushed the duo closer to the prize in sight, the coveted Express Pass.

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