Observe An Abundance Of Flirting And Flags On The Amazing Race

On the latest episode, a showmance blossoms and the racers have fun with flags
Posted on Mar 8, 2016 | 01:30pm
The latest episode of The Amazing Race brought with it a potential new showmance, one racer feeling completely stranded, and a mad sprint toward Phil at the mat. 

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from "Get It Trending."

1. Racers were excited at the idea of a showmance.
Have you heard of #Blodie? If not, let’s "get it trending" because it was suspected Blair and Brodie had "a thing" for each other, though they never met. Then, when the pair finally met at the airport, by the look at the outpouring of smiles and giggles, one would think a showmance could be brewing.

Just look: Brodie’s smile says it all. Later the same night, when all the racers had a sleepover, #Blodie got some quality time together as they snuggled side-by-side. 
2. Jessica and Brittany fell behind at the "Working Bench" Detour. 
When models Jessica and Brittany couldn’t find the Swiss Army Knife factory, they decided to switch to the "Bench Work" Detour, but the transition wasn't easy.

The ladies were rejected multiple times before they finally presented the judge with their guess at how many seats they thought the world's largest wooden bench held—and it was correct! 
3. Matt and Korey joined forces at the Roadblock.
At the Roadblock, Matt and Korey decided two heads were better than one and split the work of identifying 10 countries' flags in from of the U.N. building.

Just as Korey figured out the key to the task—that the flags on the list corresponded to the order of the actual flagpoles in the ground—he whispered his discovery to Matt. That's when Korey ran off to cover one side of the property as Matt tackled the other.
4. Jessica broke down when no one offered a helping hand.
When Jessica arrived at the Roadblock, she immediately felt excluded from the big group of racers, who were all helping each other with the flags, and began to cry while trying to muster the strength to complete the task by herself. 

5. The race of the trains had everyone on edge.
The competition continued when multiple pairs raced to the Pit Stop in Chamonix, France. Blair even went so far as to shout at everyone to hide when the models' train stopped on an adjoining track. 

The drama continued when the second train eventually caught up to the first, which is where Burnie and AshleyBrodie and Kurt, and Sheri and Cole stood. 
6. It was a real footrace to the final mat. 
As the train door opened, the racers bolted onto the snowy streets and sprinted toward Phil at the town square. Pro frisbee players Brodie and Kurt finished first, with Korey and Tyler right behind. 

Pro frisbee players Brodie and Kurt finished first, with Korey and Tyler right behind. Unfortunately, when Brittany and Jessica finally arrived, Phil delivered the disappointing news that they were the eliminated team. 

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